The company was threatened by a domestic thief

高雄徵信社As the saying goes, “against everything, it is difficult to prevent a domestic thief”, in an enterprise, the competition of the external environment is inevitable and even conducive to the positive growth of the enterprise, and then if the enterprise staff do “domestic thief” such events, may bring immeasurable losses an基隆徵信社d even trauma to the company. Shandong sunshine some advertisement company is a famous 4A advertisement company in the industry, as the development of company business grew in 2008, recruited a lot of new staff, however company head zhao zong did not think of, just because of this time expand, almost brought the biggest 中壢徵信社disaster to oneself. In early 2009, the AD company successfully signed a big customer of the business, the business includes customer product logo, print media, and the three-dimensional media advertising planning schemes and corresponding work of product launch, after hard work and methodically, see results is here, the苗栗徵信社 date of the announcement of a new also gradually approaching, found the accident. Company design director found that his computer has been moved traces, and this time, zhao zong inadvertently learned that his competitors with this big customer contact closely, aware of the state of affairs zhao zong entrusted guzhen bus雲林徵信社iness investigation co., LTD thoroughly investigate the matter. According to the understanding of the company, guzhen company first analyzed the computer program and data of the design director of the advertising company to crack the encrypted files. It found that the company not only had the problem of leaking the schem彰化徵信社e, but also had the possibility that trade secrets such as customer lists and source intelligence had been leaked. After a series of systematic analysis and logical reasoning, the state investigation company determined that this is a “domestic thief” leak incident, immediately began to target the company staff credibilit南投徵信社y, property status, the whereabouts of the recent launch investigation, thereby locking the target in 2008 entered the senior art director fan and has worked for five years printing room bear. After obtaining evidence, fan mou contacts with the deputy general manager of another advertising company in Qingdao, and after f嘉義徵信社an mou works for zhao zong’s advertising company, two still have secret contact. Suffering from doubt without definite evidence, guzhen business investigation company decided to “lead a snake out of the hole” and submitted a copy of the company’s confidential information to the printing office for printing. Sure enough, 屏東徵信社bear found important information, backup to fan. Finally, under the careful arrangement of the state investigation business investigation company and the assistance of public security organs, the scene opened fan some “domestic thief” real face, and successfully recover leaked information, more to restore the company’s e宜蘭徵信社conomic losses.


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