Revealing private investigators: how do they solve cases?

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社The detective crouched in a private community in Hong Kong, waiting for his target. “Go, follow her.” A figure appears, as in the file photo. This is the second week that detectives have been waiting to find the wrong vehicle because of misleading information. After several confirmations, this time finally found the whereabouts of the target person… Does this sound familiar? In all kinds of Hong Kong detective films, the police and “detective” investigation of criminal cases thrilling experience, let people repeatedly amazing. They risk their lives by searching for evidence and pulling out all the threads to uncover the trutaiwan detective台灣徵信社th. And in Hong Kong folk, a group of “private detective” that is in charge of social civil commission investigation is also on the move. They are asked by their clients to investigate personal or business problems, saying that “it is better to see clearly and find out than doubt and distrust.” Ke nan (not her real name), a Hong Kong girl under 30, is a private detective with nearly nine years’ experience. When the reporter interviewed her, she cut a short cut, wearing glasses, a neutral dress. “To be a detective, be calm and analytical.” Because of this, her temperament is more capable and powerful than feminine. So how exacprivate detective台灣徵信社tly do “private investigators” solve cases? This reporter will take you to find out. The profession has been around for decades in Hong Kong. Compared with traditional professions such as police and lawyers, they can help clients investigate “hidden” problems, such as extramarital affairs investigation, location search and business evidence search, and use special means to obtain the results they want. Due to the particularity of the work and the lack of supervision from government departments, the private detective industry in Hong Kong often gives people a grey sense of mystery. In most private detective firms, detectives aprivate detectives台灣徵信社re rarely seen. Detectives spend most of their time outside, working shifts of six to eight hours a day in major cases to ensure clues are found during the target’s “prime time,” according to konen. Take tracking as an example, the detective team will be out, in different positions to observe the target person, each other; Replace people if necessary so as not to reveal your whereabouts. This seemingly exciting job is not expected by the society. “My parents knew I was going to be a private detective and they were against it.” Kenan admitted that he chose to enter the industry, because he had a dream to become a “detective.” private detectives台灣徵信社But in fact, the quality of the private detective industry is uneven, and the methods of operation are covert and controversial, which makes the society’s impression of private detective tends to be negative. Pausinystalia yohimbe he had witnessed in the industry of improper operation, “I worked for several private detective agency in Hong Kong through cheat customer money,” she said, some detective company will use the customer psychology, charge deposit does not work, one person pretending to be more investigation, or illegal means to get information, to the persons being investigated to reveal information on both sides of taiwan private detective台灣徵信社the “money”, etc. Not wanting to profit from bullying, kronan founded his company seven years ago to expose the profession of private detective to the spotlight of Hong Kong’s mass media. She said some of the Revelations had led some “experts” to see her as an adversary, but that she hoped it would help standardize the private detective industry. According to konen, private investigators use different special equipment to obtain information, depending on the case. In her company’s cabinets, there are watches, car keys, clocks, pens and other devices with hidden cameras that are hard to spot with the naked eye. With the help otaiwan private detective徵信社f these special devices, private detectives can track and take candid photos of their targets, which makes them more hidden. Is this information an invasion of privacy? Ms. Konen did not directly answer that question, stressing only that “the information we provide to our clients must be legal, and we ask our employees not to investigate it in an illegal way.” “Some of us are retired police officers, some were ‘paparazzi’ or investigative reporters.” Kernan added that people who can engage in the detective industry should have the minimum professional quality, do not cross the legal “minefield”, let alone let the investigatioprivate detective agency徵信社n can not see through. In konen’s view, female detectives have an advantage in the investigation. “they have a changeable image and are easy to get close to the target, so they are not easy to arouse alarm.” In one case involving the whereabouts of her children, a young female detective posed as a student or Courier to track and film the public behaviour of a target in order to get in touch with him. Despite vague regulations and high prices, private detectives in Hong Kong are still being paid for. Tai zhou (not her real name), who is just a few months pregnant in Hong Kong, recently discovered that her husband, who works awprivate detective agency徵信社ay from home, is both friendly and aloof. She consciously found some clues, but dare not confirm, want to direct confrontation but worry about emotional tear. So she found konan, asked her to help confirm their “doubts.” In recent cases, says konen, there is less doubt about the relationship. For her part, she is busy attending various training lectures and media interviews every day, trying to strengthen contacts with universities and government agencies in Hong Kong. “Although the detective saw complexity and darkness in the case, I always had justice in my heart and hoped to bring positive energy to the society.” Conan condetective agency徵信社cludes. (guo xiaotong)


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