Girl, don’t break the last line of defense at bromeo

徵信社Girl, don’t break bromeo’s last line of defense! If a girl likes a man who has already got a family, but she just likes him silently in her heart. She admires that mature and stable man with admiration and admiration for 6 years. She never destroys his life with any substantive behavior or even brings him no influence. Again if the man dawned on the girl’s heart, also chose to let her see him from a small Angle, rather than two people holding hands approach, care for each other in the work, occasionally chat, two people are always on their respective life hand in hand with the family, not to disturb each other, not destroy the quiet life, this is between two people of that kind of feeling of brinkmanship confidante is not really? Is this relationship wrong? Many people, the private detective thinks, may find such relationships wonderful and have expectations in mind. One girl is enjoying such a beautiful relationship that many women might envy, but she is now troubled and worried about the relationship. “I like a person for six years, and in six years, we have our own families, and he never knows my feelings for him. I admire him very much, and we often chat, he may be able to read my mind. We had coffee one day without saying it, and it was great. But now I have a little unable to control their feelings, know that I and him if the boundary will not have an end, the heart is to let the feelings continue to move forward. He is my leader and someone婦幼徵信社 I respect. I really don’t know what to do now… “In fact, every woman has a willing to look up to the person, or appreciate, or love, this person may not be with their partner. It is a beautiful thing to have a person who can make you heartache when you think about it. The relationship between people is fundamentally beautiful and precious, whether it is family, friendship or love, whether it is between relatives, lovers or two members of the opposite sex who love each other. Through the ages, anecdotes about confidante can be read from thousands of years later. Abandon the worldly standards, as far as the feelings themselves, can become a story through the ages, not beautiful? That woman originally so beautiful mutual admiration, in the middle of the reality will often become the target of public contempt, whether there is no boundary may be regarded as immoral, at least will provoke it as ambiguous look. Why does something beautiful and desirable meet with such an awkward reality? The reason is not hard to imagine: in many cases, two men and women who are attracted to each other and can be trusted have true feelings, warmth and care, which can be achieved, but it is difficult to accurately grasp the boundaries between friends and lovers. Limit grasps well, the likelihood is the bosom friend that makes a person eye greedy, limit grasps badly, became deviant and small 3, become the thorn in one’s flesh of others. The same thing finally faces such a huge difference in the outcome, after all, or in the scale of grasp, in other words, is not the lover of men and women two of a kind if only stay in the feelings, can be understood and even be envied; If such feelings cross boundaries and evolve into certain behaviors, they may not only destroy the original beauty, but also hurt the people around them, which is morally unacceptable in society. Confidante can no words don’t talk about, can be inclusive, can be cheerful, in a layer of if if no enough to the sides of the two men walk in parallel in the way of life, do not hand in hand with each other, but because of the existence of the other party and will not feel lonely lonely, heart filled with warm all peer, it is a rare experience in life, don’t care about the moral and law, also do not need to have deliberately to pursue as a result, there is only the pleasure of freedom freedom. The deeper the feeling, the harder it is to suppress it. What would happen if that thin layer of window paper was opened? May be emotional or physical, may be love each other and can’t be together at the pain, perhaps hurt the people around of guilt, perhaps in thousands of heavy with realize the endless pain, the heavy pressure of these things, once two of a kind or empathy joy still have how many left? Like that girl to me for help, look up to and worship of the great leader, give her the best experience, may never hidden in the heart is sweet, even an occasiona合法徵信社l chat, an interest in work, a smile of a understand each other during the meeting, it was all very beautiful, but because there is a tacit date, perhaps everything changed, although the attachment remains, admire the same, but the girl feel inside? Or at the outset that pure silly silly look up at and happiness? As she said, she was lost and didn’t know what to do in the future. Confidante between the last layer of window paper should be broken? Of course not. Two people each other on the emotional support, but always walk in their separate lives, even through a thin layer of paper, it also protect their own lives, their families, also retain respect for each other, even if it is a kind of love, it is pure love; When the layer of paper was peel, it would be completely turned into between men and women, is very complicated and simple right brain will want to know what’s the matter, the most important thing is that, behind this simple, hidden is likely to be hurt, lie, betrayal, criticism, and so on had nothing to do with the fundamental things, such a result compared with the original beauty, which a more experience can bring people happiness? People get along with as simple as possible, in order to be more relaxed and happy, the same is true between men and women. Of course, we do not want everyone’s life is so a confidante, more do not want confidante cross the line to destroy each other’s original quiet life. Too much of a good thing is too of a good thing.


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