It was like a bolt from the blue to discover that her husband was having an affair

徵信社工作Experience unfortunate marriage, discover husband is off the rails, it is like bolt from the blue. It doesn’t seem like a quick fix. What to do? While the cheating partner wants to change, the injured one is stuck in a dilemma. Want to divorce, afraid of both parents can not stand stimulation, also afraid of children without a complete home; Want to forgive, can think of the fact that the other side derailed, filled with resentment, unable to escape. In the end, they both struggled with pain they couldn’t separate from and forget. The question they ask me the most is: what to do? ! Want to divorce, but it seems inseparable from each other, not divorce, but can not forget his betrayal. Then oneself every day lead dark day, body and mind be exhausted. Such mood, also affecting his other half deeply. In such a situation, in order to minimize the damage, there are only two choices: or, completely for債務協商BLOGgive, and move on for the rest of your life; Or give up and leave. Here, the key is the attitude of the parties, no matter what you choose, must be thorough! Because only thoroughly, do not procrastinate, do not waver, do not wander, can reduce internal friction, seize their future happiness. So in what circumstances can one choose to forgive completely? The other party derailed already became a fact, sincere repentance, and you no matter be for the child, for both sides parents, still be for oneself, cannot resolutely give up marriage absolutely, so, please choose to forgive thoroughly. Forget his betrayal and hurt, remember the good, remember that he finally chose you in the critical moment, with tolerance to accept him (her), try to cherish the present, grasp the future. Someone may say: such a painful injury, how can you say forget? But what if you don’t forgive and don’t leave? You may const徵信社營業項目antly hurt each other, even if at first you husband for psychological this thing still have guilt, because time is long, he can’t stand your nagging, can’t stand your “bang”, can not quarrel with you, is hurt, I think about it, one day, his desire for freedom and happiness of heart will choose to leave you. Life is too short, the human emotion is also very fragile, can not withstand a long time to hurt and torture. Everyone has the right to choose a quality life, forget the unhappy past, in order to live well in the present and the future. Even if, sometimes for some people, some things, some things to recall these unpleasant memories, but think of the other party has tried to repent, think of the moment of hard to obtain happiness and peace, think of the smiling face of the child and the elderly gratified face, what can not let go? Perhaps someone will say, oneself absolutely cannot tolerate the徵信社真實案例 betrayal of spouse, also won’t choose to forgive him. If you are one of those people, simply give up the marriage. Do not give up, you want to spend the rest of your life to hate him, bemoan their own tragic fate, there will be no chance of happiness; And give up, they have a chance to re – happiness, also can give him (her) a way to rebirth. He or she may be ashamed of you for the rest of his or her life. The cheating of the other half in the marriage is a fact that cannot be changed, so what we can change is our attitude towards it. If absolutely can not give up, tolerate him, completely forgive him, from now on frank, cherish each other, hand in hand for the rest of your life; If his heart is dead, it is determined to give up, turn around gracefully, and find their own happiness. If you have been unable to extricate themselves from the situation, you can need the help of a professional psychological counselor.


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