A troublemaker, he really doesn’t deserve to be my husband!

After getting married with my husband guo dong, our relationship is good. So my husband and I always laugh off friends who are confessing their pain about the siege. We all think that what our friends are saying is completely preventable, even trivial. But as time went on, some chagrin stuck with our marriage. Like me, because of the nature of vivid, good at communication, heterosexual relationship is particularly good and provoke the dissatisfaction of the husband. Private detective he blame I should not and these bromeo people association, in fact, he did not know, in addition to the close speech, I and these men and do not have what too close intersection. But my徵信社 husband did not listen to his words, he was so jealous that I hit and kicked, hurt me a disgrace, unable to face relatives and friends. This man is so honest that he really makes me sit up and take notice. As a result of this, we had a fit of unpleasantquarrelling, and at the time I felt that he was too small for a man, so I made a rude mockery of him. Did not think that this next can hurt his pride, no matter how to apologize to him after the ceremony, he would not forgive me, angry, I never ignore him. But he wouldn’t make up with me. The harmony between us became a problem. Guo dong ignored me, but in turn used extremely vicious words against me to stop personal婦幼徵信社 attacks, and among his friends and my relatives spread the wind about my bad style, which made it very difficult to endure. In front of his friend, I seem to be a “pan jinlian”, back man steal han, do not know shame; In front of my parents, it was as if their daughter, an ill-bred woman, had brought honor to her husband’s family. It infuriated me. A man who has been living together for several years, regardless of his wife’s name, spreading rumors for his own personal gain, should be another man’s husband? Guo dong’s behavior chilled my heart, so even if he repeatedly expressed remorse to me, I could hardly forgive him. And so we had the impending cold war. There w婦幼徵信社BLOGere times when I really couldn’t stand it, and I wanted to say to him, please, don’t treat me like that again, or I would really go crazy. Now I used to habits, every day Yin calm face, a pair of doomsday appearance. We both have a hard time. Recently, I found that he has good meaning and performance with me, but I just pretend to be ignorant. Anyway, I was determined to divorce him. Unless he made amends to me, I would keep going cold, and the private detective would never stop until he succeeded. After all, as a woman, I have a nominal right to defend myself. A man like guo dong, who makes trouble by spreading rumors and stirring up trouble, really doesn’t deserve徵信社費用 to be my husband!


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