Private detective, the girl broke into my bedroom

屏東徵信社推薦Private detective, the girl broke into my bedroom. On Saturday afternoon, I was having a rest when I heard someone knocking at the door. I was in a trance and thought I was dreaming, so I didn’t care. But that annoying knock on the door, which went on and on and on, made it almost impossible for me to sleep. I get up immediately, I want to see, is which does not want to death disturb my sleep! I opened the door angrily, only to see the opposite of the female neighbor, I just want to be angry to scold her, but see the female neighbor dressed in that way, my heart will start no desire to curse. We stood so close together that I could see the pink shade on the inside of her pajamas. I froze, she thought I had a fever faint, extended a hand over, put on my forehead and asked me if I could catch a cold. In the moment she raised her arm, to my blood boiling, I actually saw her chest meat, white flowers, see feel dizzy. Is this trying to seduce me? “Xi xi, sorry, disturb you to sleep! This, my home computer is broken, can’t see video, you can help me repair it!” The female neighbor a face apologetic ground say, don’t know why, she still mean heart up quite chest out department. The lofty peak almost touched my chest! I am the most annoying person to disturb my sleep, but the other party is a beautiful female neighbor, or dress so sexy, as a man, not to help, it is a bit difficult to say. So I answered promptly: “yes, leave it to me. I’ll go and show it to you.” I went to her bedroom, inside near the window of the tabl宜蘭徵信社推薦e put a desktop computer, I immediately opened a video, can normally open ah! Was she trying to lure me in under pretense? What is she trying to do? Can’t be lonely! Ha ha… My heart began to beat wildly at the thought. I say this computer is no problem, can see video normally! She looked puzzled, leaning over me and staring at the computer. Then I let her try to see the effect, so she opened a video on the desktop, I did not think of is, this video is a Japanese adult blockbuster, or hd no code ah! Dizzy dead! She actually saw such a provocative film, but also just opened, it is her intention! My lower body had been wet at the time, the bloated look like a big tent! I think or hurry to go, do not separate words also do not know what will attack! But I was 台東徵信社推薦about to walk when she grabbed me by the arm. By female neighbor so pull, my whole person all stand unsteadily, directly fell in her arms. The private detective’s right hand recognize ground disorderly grasp, unexpectedly caught her flesh ball, frighten me to want to draw back a handle, but still be pressed by her to hold, take my hand in her body disorderly touch, then we two half pushy ground in her bedroom attack that relation. Later I tried to isolate myself from this flirtation, but she refused, saying she would not give up. My wife is a salesman, and when she was away, the girl neighbors came right into my bedroom, and I fell. I and her attack a total of ten repeated relations, feel wife as if vaguely aware, I do not want a divorce, but how should I ex警民徵信社BLOGplain to my wife!


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