My love has no use for him

盈幣寶Due to family misfortune, I dropped out of high school when I was 17 years old and began to earn my own living. I came to the city to work. After suffering, I longed for affection and love. Private detective in my imagination, love must be pure and spotless, loyal and faithful. For this expectation, I have been guarding the jade. The presence of the chef ning xuetao caught my attention. Ning xuetao was 26 or 27 years old and looked shy. When the boss introduced him to his workmates, he said, “such a handsome young man, how do you look like a big girl? Fortunately is not invite you to be a waiter, otherwise female customer return not to turn you to run?” The words made ning xuetao blush. I think this man is cute. Later, I learned that ning xuetao was from jieshoucheng city. After graduating from high school, he studied as a chef in the technical school of the prov拆分盤incial capital for 3 years. With that certificate, he used to be paid 5,000 or 6,000 yuan a month to apply for a job in a big hotel in a coastal city. The reason he is hunkered down in this restaurant in the small town is said to be because he is worried about his wife, who is about to give birth. Every Sunday afternoon, the boss made him come home and visit. From this alone, I felt a certain admiration for him, but often for no reason at all. In my mind, such a man as ning xuetao is the ideal husband in the future. From this I felt a peculiar intimacy towards him. In the hotel rare leisure, ning xuetao never put the shelf of the chef, often quietly to help me that part of the staff. His humorous and kind talk often made everyone laugh. I thought more than once, if I had a brother like ning xuetao, how nice! With the girl’s intuition, I felt that ning xuetao was 交易所also very fond of himself. So when he learned of my sad story, he was deeply moved. He said, “swallow, you are my sister from now on.” I had never experienced first love before. In the time I spent with tao, I felt happier and sadder than ever before. Sometimes, I foolishly thought that if xue tao were a woman, I would have a best friend. Alas, he is not. One day in July of the same year, during the lunch break, I couldn’t sleep. I sneaked into xuetao’s single dormitory, where he lived alone. Watching him sleep soundly in the air conditioner, I was filled with admiration. I took nail polish out of my pocket and secretly painted his toenails silver pink. When I enthusiastically pressed his finger flat, also want to paint nail polish, had awakened xue tao suddenly sat up, put me in his arms. That noon, we tasted the forbidden fruit of youth. Later, when xue tao sai比特大陸d “sorry” sincerely, I covered his mouth with tears. I said to him, “xue tao, I am so happy that I can be with the man I like. That is enough.” Since then, we have never stopped. Three months later, his wife gave birth to a baby girl and xue tao became unhappy. Private detective but when I said I would give him a son, he said, “don’t be silly, swallow. Then, he sighed and said: “ailian (his wife) is also a good woman, I can not abandon their mother and daughter against conscience. Then you won’t be the only woman I’ve hurt.” Although what xue tao said was reasonable, my heart could not help feeling sad. For all his professed love for me, he would not give me a place in the marriage. In his heart, the most concerned is still his wife and daughter. And I, but he is lonely when a blind antidote. It seems that my existence can only alleviate his desire, my love, for 盈幣寶週報(2019/08/11-2019/08/16)him has no use!


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