Girl, don’t break the last line of defense at bromeo

徵信社Girl, don’t break bromeo’s last line of defense! If a girl likes a man who has already got a family, but she just likes him silently in her heart. She admires that mature and stable man with admiration and admiration for 6 years. She never destroys his life with any substantive behavior or even brings him no influence. Again if the man dawned on the girl’s heart, also chose to let her see him from a small Angle, rather than two people holding hands approach, care for each other in the work, occasionally chat, two people are always on their respective life hand in hand with the family, not to disturb each other, not destroy the quiet life, this is between two people of that kind of feeling of brinkmanship confidante is not really? Is this relationship wrong? Many people, the private detective thinks, may find such relationships wonderful and have expectations in mind. One girl is enjoying such a beautiful relationship that many women might envy, but she is now troubled and worried about the relationship. “I like a person for six years, and in six years, we have our own families, and he never knows my feelings for him. I admire him very much, and we often chat, he may be able to read my mind. We had coffee one day without saying it, and it was great. But now I have a little unable to control their feelings, know that I and him if the boundary will not have an end, the heart is to let the feelings continue to move forward. He is my leader and someone婦幼徵信社 I respect. I really don’t know what to do now… “In fact, every woman has a willing to look up to the person, or appreciate, or love, this person may not be with their partner. It is a beautiful thing to have a person who can make you heartache when you think about it. The relationship between people is fundamentally beautiful and precious, whether it is family, friendship or love, whether it is between relatives, lovers or two members of the opposite sex who love each other. Through the ages, anecdotes about confidante can be read from thousands of years later. Abandon the worldly standards, as far as the feelings themselves, can become a story through the ages, not beautiful? That woman originally so beautiful mutual admiration, in the middle of the reality will often become the target of public contempt, whether there is no boundary may be regarded as immoral, at least will provoke it as ambiguous look. Why does something beautiful and desirable meet with such an awkward reality? The reason is not hard to imagine: in many cases, two men and women who are attracted to each other and can be trusted have true feelings, warmth and care, which can be achieved, but it is difficult to accurately grasp the boundaries between friends and lovers. Limit grasps well, the likelihood is the bosom friend that makes a person eye greedy, limit grasps badly, became deviant and small 3, become the thorn in one’s flesh of others. The same thing finally faces such a huge difference in the outcome, after all, or in the scale of grasp, in other words, is not the lover of men and women two of a kind if only stay in the feelings, can be understood and even be envied; If such feelings cross boundaries and evolve into certain behaviors, they may not only destroy the original beauty, but also hurt the people around them, which is morally unacceptable in society. Confidante can no words don’t talk about, can be inclusive, can be cheerful, in a layer of if if no enough to the sides of the two men walk in parallel in the way of life, do not hand in hand with each other, but because of the existence of the other party and will not feel lonely lonely, heart filled with warm all peer, it is a rare experience in life, don’t care about the moral and law, also do not need to have deliberately to pursue as a result, there is only the pleasure of freedom freedom. The deeper the feeling, the harder it is to suppress it. What would happen if that thin layer of window paper was opened? May be emotional or physical, may be love each other and can’t be together at the pain, perhaps hurt the people around of guilt, perhaps in thousands of heavy with realize the endless pain, the heavy pressure of these things, once two of a kind or empathy joy still have how many left? Like that girl to me for help, look up to and worship of the great leader, give her the best experience, may never hidden in the heart is sweet, even an occasiona合法徵信社l chat, an interest in work, a smile of a understand each other during the meeting, it was all very beautiful, but because there is a tacit date, perhaps everything changed, although the attachment remains, admire the same, but the girl feel inside? Or at the outset that pure silly silly look up at and happiness? As she said, she was lost and didn’t know what to do in the future. Confidante between the last layer of window paper should be broken? Of course not. Two people each other on the emotional support, but always walk in their separate lives, even through a thin layer of paper, it also protect their own lives, their families, also retain respect for each other, even if it is a kind of love, it is pure love; When the layer of paper was peel, it would be completely turned into between men and women, is very complicated and simple right brain will want to know what’s the matter, the most important thing is that, behind this simple, hidden is likely to be hurt, lie, betrayal, criticism, and so on had nothing to do with the fundamental things, such a result compared with the original beauty, which a more experience can bring people happiness? People get along with as simple as possible, in order to be more relaxed and happy, the same is true between men and women. Of course, we do not want everyone’s life is so a confidante, more do not want confidante cross the line to destroy each other’s original quiet life. Too much of a good thing is too of a good thing.

Private detective, what looks are most likely to cheat on a woman

USDTWhat face is the most likely to cheat on a woman? A survey has been conducted on which women are more likely to cheat on their daily lives. As a result, professional women and housewives are listed as the high-risk group for extramarital affairs. Easy to derailment of women, there must be her attractive, she is either economic independence, independent personality, with a can afford to put down the verve, or personality docile knowledge, full of lonely woman flavor. Beautiful it is a kind of glamour, independent it is a kind of glamour, open and bright it is a kind of glamour, romance is informed along with the sex knowledge interest also is a kind of glamour. They may not be beautiful enough, but they must be the women who pay attention to their manners and inner cultivation. They despise ordinary life and prefer to follow the call of passion. How does the face of the woman easy affair see? Through the face where can see the woman’s feelings, what kind of face woman easy to derailment? The following private detective for your analysis. See face face know woman’s emotion, the wTRXoman have an affair of face face how to see, through face face where can see woman’s feeling, the woman what face face most easily off track? 1, Yin tang women too wide to pursue woman Yin tang verve and self-control, do things on her behalf if Yin tang small woman, then to do things and do resolution compared discreet, be careful, to compare and the Yin tang of the woman is too wide, then decide things lack of spirit, holding himself well, thus to develop the bad man, can not support the lure of man to cheat and attack. 2, there is a thin line of women easy to derailment of the ditch below the nose, known as the people, medical people with male genital organs also have cells in which, from the appearance, if there is a red line, it can be marked that this woman out of the wall. 3, the root of the black line of women easy to derailed excessive words, the sense of smell will become a little dull and failure, so it will affect the muscle and skin cells, resulting in tissue relaxation, not women, in the position of the mountain root, there is a black line will be connected to the OKBleft and right eyes, which is caused by the semen of different men mixed. 4, 3 eyes of woman will be unfaithful woman was having an affair sex life is normally hard, hormonal secrete overmuch, above the vision would constitute a “three butterflies”, what is the “three butterflies”, meaning is three sides with a white, “three white” or “three white”, “three white” god failure and shortness of breath, useful, irritable old; This is the kind of woman who needs only a man to leave a hungry look. 5, tears hall black woman easy to derailment xiangxue tears hall long high woman sexual desire is strong, the body is also developed and sound, feel good, if the tears hall black, this is caused by too much sex. 6, the woman that husband and wife palace shows bluish red is easy to derailment crow’s feet grain position calls husband and wife palace, if too too indulgent, can present a cyan, perhaps have black dot black spot and so on, this kind of condition is the performance after fierce battle with lover. 7, neck line if the woman will be unfaithful husband on a business trip, wife a persoNEOn at home, to see if he can cheat is very easy, woman climax, the neck will grow with the feelings of different coarse, later will be fine, because women with different man, the pleasure is not much, obtained form the neck shrinkage of different levels, then there will be a thin line, neck if the line is broken, indicates the wife cheating. 8, the woman will be unfaithful bridge of the nose bridge of the nose is too low on behalf of one’s self and pursuit, the woman’s nose is too high, so would mind too deep, don’t listen to anyone, instead the bridge of the nose is too low woman, self control ability is poor, without my opinion, easy to follow others, it is difficult to support the man’s allure and pursuit, to attack infidelity. 9, watery eyes, the woman will be unfaithful liver begin to understand in the eye, the eye is the apparent move, and move on behalf of the emotional changes, if the woman’s eyes watery look, then on behalf of the lack of diseases, diseases with the lack of women’s gentle, not against the body, are easy to be a man, by deigned to attack, cannot resist aMOL man’s offensive.

Wife lift skirt hook handsome boy money all lose?

台灣真能成加密貨幣之國?從世界區塊鏈大勢談起Wife lift skirt hook handsome boy money all lose? At that time, I was also a very handsome man, because of this, the rich wife regardless of parents against, willing to marry me this poor boy. After my marriage, I had a lot of changes in my career. I had a lot of social activities every day. So much so that by the third year of my marriage, I had a bucket waist, a beer belly and my hair started to fall out. Private detective, I thought it was a joke and didn’t take it seriously. Last week, I received a series of photos of my wife and a young man in a hotel. With a photo and his wife confrontation, she was very frank about the story, and in the face of photo blackmail do not agree, think the other side love how to toss about how to toss, but I did not have the c大學生玩區塊鏈,比你想得還專業、多元!窺探全台兩大學生社群如何帶動台灣區塊鏈跨領域整合ourage to follow her a shame. Incident is as follows: wife shopping one day, just the two of her and handsome elevator, so his wife speed improvement, liao skirt seduce handsome and the two men hit it off, not used to shopping, but two people the tacit to the hotel check in, not only had sex, the male still use mobile phone took two people together in a lot of photos. After, I begin to investigate that male bottom line, it is a small bludger so, see a woman initiative send come, how can not take blackmail again? The man also said that if I didn’t give him $100,000, I would post the picture on the Internet and put my wife and me on the winning list. My wife doesn’t care, but I have what, although she did behind my back shameless thing, but she is still my legal 扎根台灣,獨樹一格:帶你窺探本土區塊鏈社群的多元面貌wife after all, this green hat let me wear a little big, the status quo, what should I do? Private detective: cheating is a moral behavior, extortion is illegal. Now the first thing you need to consider is to temporarily put down your face to report the crime, so that the bad guys can be brought to justice. Second, you need to know that both men and women like to judge people by their appearance. It is clear that your wife likes the ‘monkey’ type. So whether you’re divorcing or moving on, you should consider losing weight. Your wife is a typical flower spoony originally, below current situation, her perhaps is affection affection to you, because she is true to you love not rise. If you want to give your children a healthy home, from now on, you should learn to 圈外人也聽得懂的區塊鏈「幣、礦、鏈」三圈運作keep healthy and eat a proper diet. If you feel unable to accept the green hat your wife gives you, just divorce. In the current situation, your wife is not willing to marry him before the handsome man, certainly not easy to divorce, that is to say, the initiative of the divorce in the current situation is completely in your hands. Personally, I think marriage should be about solving problems immediately instead of running away from them. Since the main reason why your marriage is on the rocks is that you didn’t learn how to cultivate your mind after marriage, why not let yourself try to change it? Keep in mind that marriage is still a marriage of choice, as divorce can involve a complex set of issues, such as marital renewal, child and stepmother management, a比特幣閃崩nd public opinion.

It was like a bolt from the blue to discover that her husband was having an affair

徵信社工作Experience unfortunate marriage, discover husband is off the rails, it is like bolt from the blue. It doesn’t seem like a quick fix. What to do? While the cheating partner wants to change, the injured one is stuck in a dilemma. Want to divorce, afraid of both parents can not stand stimulation, also afraid of children without a complete home; Want to forgive, can think of the fact that the other side derailed, filled with resentment, unable to escape. In the end, they both struggled with pain they couldn’t separate from and forget. The question they ask me the most is: what to do? ! Want to divorce, but it seems inseparable from each other, not divorce, but can not forget his betrayal. Then oneself every day lead dark day, body and mind be exhausted. Such mood, also affecting his other half deeply. In such a situation, in order to minimize the damage, there are only two choices: or, completely for債務協商BLOGgive, and move on for the rest of your life; Or give up and leave. Here, the key is the attitude of the parties, no matter what you choose, must be thorough! Because only thoroughly, do not procrastinate, do not waver, do not wander, can reduce internal friction, seize their future happiness. So in what circumstances can one choose to forgive completely? The other party derailed already became a fact, sincere repentance, and you no matter be for the child, for both sides parents, still be for oneself, cannot resolutely give up marriage absolutely, so, please choose to forgive thoroughly. Forget his betrayal and hurt, remember the good, remember that he finally chose you in the critical moment, with tolerance to accept him (her), try to cherish the present, grasp the future. Someone may say: such a painful injury, how can you say forget? But what if you don’t forgive and don’t leave? You may const徵信社營業項目antly hurt each other, even if at first you husband for psychological this thing still have guilt, because time is long, he can’t stand your nagging, can’t stand your “bang”, can not quarrel with you, is hurt, I think about it, one day, his desire for freedom and happiness of heart will choose to leave you. Life is too short, the human emotion is also very fragile, can not withstand a long time to hurt and torture. Everyone has the right to choose a quality life, forget the unhappy past, in order to live well in the present and the future. Even if, sometimes for some people, some things, some things to recall these unpleasant memories, but think of the other party has tried to repent, think of the moment of hard to obtain happiness and peace, think of the smiling face of the child and the elderly gratified face, what can not let go? Perhaps someone will say, oneself absolutely cannot tolerate the徵信社真實案例 betrayal of spouse, also won’t choose to forgive him. If you are one of those people, simply give up the marriage. Do not give up, you want to spend the rest of your life to hate him, bemoan their own tragic fate, there will be no chance of happiness; And give up, they have a chance to re – happiness, also can give him (her) a way to rebirth. He or she may be ashamed of you for the rest of his or her life. The cheating of the other half in the marriage is a fact that cannot be changed, so what we can change is our attitude towards it. If absolutely can not give up, tolerate him, completely forgive him, from now on frank, cherish each other, hand in hand for the rest of your life; If his heart is dead, it is determined to give up, turn around gracefully, and find their own happiness. If you have been unable to extricate themselves from the situation, you can need the help of a professional psychological counselor.

The private detective exposed the dark side of his son-in-law

什麼是挖礦?礦工到底做了什麼事?As is known to all, marriage is complicated and cannot be explained in a few words. It is a matter of two people as well as two families. The marriage of two people involved in the culture, ethics, and law is a lot of knowledge. No wonder, private detectives say, that without a clear head for calculation and a strong psychological quality, it is better to wait a few years before getting married. Perhaps too much, but it also sho誰是中本聰?ws the complexity of marriage. Even if you say your marriage is your choice, it’s none of your business. But there’s no way that this other person isn’t involved with your parents, and your parents will naturally come into your marriage from any Angle, and it seems like a given. A woman who came to bond for professional advice and help from a wuhan private detective said her husband is a good man and, in her words, has a knack f什麼是區塊鏈(Blockchain)?or pleasing his mother-in-law. Therefore, after years of honeyed words from her husband, her parents were also bought, believing that he was a rare son-in-law of high quality, and some things were always intentionally or unintentionally biased in his favor. This time she found her husband had extramarital affair, said to her parents, parents at first half believe, who knows later listen to their husband to explain, parents immed智能合約(Smart contract)的無限可能iately do not believe, think is their own heart, in the creation of something out of nothing. Her parents told her to go home and live a good life, don’t be suspicious, but who doesn’t want to live a good life, how can you live a good life without knowing the truth? Private investigators after a period of effective investigation, finally found evidence, now the client is no longer a mouth without evidence, with evidence no one h什麼是比特幣(Bitcoin)?as to believe her.

A troublemaker, he really doesn’t deserve to be my husband!

After getting married with my husband guo dong, our relationship is good. So my husband and I always laugh off friends who are confessing their pain about the siege. We all think that what our friends are saying is completely preventable, even trivial. But as time went on, some chagrin stuck with our marriage. Like me, because of the nature of vivid, good at communication, heterosexual relationship is particularly good and provoke the dissatisfaction of the husband. Private detective he blame I should not and these bromeo people association, in fact, he did not know, in addition to the close speech, I and these men and do not have what too close intersection. But my徵信社 husband did not listen to his words, he was so jealous that I hit and kicked, hurt me a disgrace, unable to face relatives and friends. This man is so honest that he really makes me sit up and take notice. As a result of this, we had a fit of unpleasantquarrelling, and at the time I felt that he was too small for a man, so I made a rude mockery of him. Did not think that this next can hurt his pride, no matter how to apologize to him after the ceremony, he would not forgive me, angry, I never ignore him. But he wouldn’t make up with me. The harmony between us became a problem. Guo dong ignored me, but in turn used extremely vicious words against me to stop personal婦幼徵信社 attacks, and among his friends and my relatives spread the wind about my bad style, which made it very difficult to endure. In front of his friend, I seem to be a “pan jinlian”, back man steal han, do not know shame; In front of my parents, it was as if their daughter, an ill-bred woman, had brought honor to her husband’s family. It infuriated me. A man who has been living together for several years, regardless of his wife’s name, spreading rumors for his own personal gain, should be another man’s husband? Guo dong’s behavior chilled my heart, so even if he repeatedly expressed remorse to me, I could hardly forgive him. And so we had the impending cold war. There w婦幼徵信社BLOGere times when I really couldn’t stand it, and I wanted to say to him, please, don’t treat me like that again, or I would really go crazy. Now I used to habits, every day Yin calm face, a pair of doomsday appearance. We both have a hard time. Recently, I found that he has good meaning and performance with me, but I just pretend to be ignorant. Anyway, I was determined to divorce him. Unless he made amends to me, I would keep going cold, and the private detective would never stop until he succeeded. After all, as a woman, I have a nominal right to defend myself. A man like guo dong, who makes trouble by spreading rumors and stirring up trouble, really doesn’t deserve徵信社費用 to be my husband!

My husband took advantage of my home about the landlord daughter booty call

盈幣寶Bingbon-官方唯一交流群Thunderbolt of feel, when see that piece of piece of white flower of ketone body photograph, I was really meng, he was shameless, incredibly in my New Year return to the home of the mother of a few days, go to look for before landlord home daughter open a room! We know from the beginning of the freshman, the husband has a disability, I also calculate in the class to go to work flower, but in his hot pursuit, we must male and female friends relationship, this talk is 8 years, last year 51 we got married, the classmates about we finally have a fruit can be said to be tears of joy. After we got married, we made a difficult decision to go to graduate school together for a wonderful life together. Can be when I was full of immersed in the happiness of time, the husband on the Internet to find women rampant chat, including those women who admi盈幣寶Bingbon-最大槓桿數及手續費調整公告red him before, finally before the daughter of the landlord home was contacted by him, he carried me to chat a lot of disgusting words; Go home on the New Year’s day holiday this year, I go back to the mother’s home for a day first, return to the husband’s home for the New Year’s day again, such, he unexpectedly did not go home directly, go and that female open a room to go, still took a photograph, just have my today catch discovery. His behavior makes me feel shameful to the extreme. We are only in the second year of postgraduate study, and we originally planned to go abroad to study for a PhD together. Therefore, we have no children. At that moment, all my bottom line was broken, the woman is really very unfortunate, the most wonderful time, do not give up do not abandon, do not abandon to accompany in his side, do not reject his bad 盈幣版APP v1.6版本更新study; Never despairing of the imperfection and poverty of his family; Do not reject his disability, constantly accompany in his side, but today has such a result! I really don’t understand that men do this to have fun, to have fun? Do not have the duty heart of a little family marriage? Perhaps the dog can’t change the character that eats excrement forever! I really don’t know what to do now. We were urged to have children after our family got married, but we didn’t because we went to school. Now we are still in school, what can I do? Hello, friend. Your husband is slightly disabled, doesn’t do well in school, has a poor family, but can flirt with all kinds of women, which means he’s articulate or has other ways of absorbing the opposite sex. Love a person needs to love, know how to love. For example, if you hold 10 points of love in yoBingbon盈幣寶週報(2019/07/20 – 2019/07/26)ur hand and give all of it to the other party without hesitation, you will no longer have any chips to contribute. This will only make the other party feel that you did not love him, or that it is your duty to love him, and you cannot live apart from him. As usual, it’s a fact that her boyfriend has cheated on her. After all, having a child at a time when both of you are studying and your relationship is not stable will not only put enormous financial pressure on you, it will also put you in a passive position in your marriage. Small pan initiative, first, give male friend the opportunity that corrects afresh, test the affection between you. Second, use the pressure of studying to indicate to the family that it will take some time to have a baby. Third, while studying hard, you should also take some time to maintain your relationship wit盈幣寶Bingbon-合約PC公測版(網頁版)正式上線h your boyfriend.

Private detective, the girl broke into my bedroom

屏東徵信社推薦Private detective, the girl broke into my bedroom. On Saturday afternoon, I was having a rest when I heard someone knocking at the door. I was in a trance and thought I was dreaming, so I didn’t care. But that annoying knock on the door, which went on and on and on, made it almost impossible for me to sleep. I get up immediately, I want to see, is which does not want to death disturb my sleep! I opened the door angrily, only to see the opposite of the female neighbor, I just want to be angry to scold her, but see the female neighbor dressed in that way, my heart will start no desire to curse. We stood so close together that I could see the pink shade on the inside of her pajamas. I froze, she thought I had a fever faint, extended a hand over, put on my forehead and asked me if I could catch a cold. In the moment she raised her arm, to my blood boiling, I actually saw her chest meat, white flowers, see feel dizzy. Is this trying to seduce me? “Xi xi, sorry, disturb you to sleep! This, my home computer is broken, can’t see video, you can help me repair it!” The female neighbor a face apologetic ground say, don’t know why, she still mean heart up quite chest out department. The lofty peak almost touched my chest! I am the most annoying person to disturb my sleep, but the other party is a beautiful female neighbor, or dress so sexy, as a man, not to help, it is a bit difficult to say. So I answered promptly: “yes, leave it to me. I’ll go and show it to you.” I went to her bedroom, inside near the window of the tabl宜蘭徵信社推薦e put a desktop computer, I immediately opened a video, can normally open ah! Was she trying to lure me in under pretense? What is she trying to do? Can’t be lonely! Ha ha… My heart began to beat wildly at the thought. I say this computer is no problem, can see video normally! She looked puzzled, leaning over me and staring at the computer. Then I let her try to see the effect, so she opened a video on the desktop, I did not think of is, this video is a Japanese adult blockbuster, or hd no code ah! Dizzy dead! She actually saw such a provocative film, but also just opened, it is her intention! My lower body had been wet at the time, the bloated look like a big tent! I think or hurry to go, do not separate words also do not know what will attack! But I was 台東徵信社推薦about to walk when she grabbed me by the arm. By female neighbor so pull, my whole person all stand unsteadily, directly fell in her arms. The private detective’s right hand recognize ground disorderly grasp, unexpectedly caught her flesh ball, frighten me to want to draw back a handle, but still be pressed by her to hold, take my hand in her body disorderly touch, then we two half pushy ground in her bedroom attack that relation. Later I tried to isolate myself from this flirtation, but she refused, saying she would not give up. My wife is a salesman, and when she was away, the girl neighbors came right into my bedroom, and I fell. I and her attack a total of ten repeated relations, feel wife as if vaguely aware, I do not want a divorce, but how should I ex警民徵信社BLOGplain to my wife!

My love has no use for him

盈幣寶Due to family misfortune, I dropped out of high school when I was 17 years old and began to earn my own living. I came to the city to work. After suffering, I longed for affection and love. Private detective in my imagination, love must be pure and spotless, loyal and faithful. For this expectation, I have been guarding the jade. The presence of the chef ning xuetao caught my attention. Ning xuetao was 26 or 27 years old and looked shy. When the boss introduced him to his workmates, he said, “such a handsome young man, how do you look like a big girl? Fortunately is not invite you to be a waiter, otherwise female customer return not to turn you to run?” The words made ning xuetao blush. I think this man is cute. Later, I learned that ning xuetao was from jieshoucheng city. After graduating from high school, he studied as a chef in the technical school of the prov拆分盤incial capital for 3 years. With that certificate, he used to be paid 5,000 or 6,000 yuan a month to apply for a job in a big hotel in a coastal city. The reason he is hunkered down in this restaurant in the small town is said to be because he is worried about his wife, who is about to give birth. Every Sunday afternoon, the boss made him come home and visit. From this alone, I felt a certain admiration for him, but often for no reason at all. In my mind, such a man as ning xuetao is the ideal husband in the future. From this I felt a peculiar intimacy towards him. In the hotel rare leisure, ning xuetao never put the shelf of the chef, often quietly to help me that part of the staff. His humorous and kind talk often made everyone laugh. I thought more than once, if I had a brother like ning xuetao, how nice! With the girl’s intuition, I felt that ning xuetao was 交易所also very fond of himself. So when he learned of my sad story, he was deeply moved. He said, “swallow, you are my sister from now on.” I had never experienced first love before. In the time I spent with tao, I felt happier and sadder than ever before. Sometimes, I foolishly thought that if xue tao were a woman, I would have a best friend. Alas, he is not. One day in July of the same year, during the lunch break, I couldn’t sleep. I sneaked into xuetao’s single dormitory, where he lived alone. Watching him sleep soundly in the air conditioner, I was filled with admiration. I took nail polish out of my pocket and secretly painted his toenails silver pink. When I enthusiastically pressed his finger flat, also want to paint nail polish, had awakened xue tao suddenly sat up, put me in his arms. That noon, we tasted the forbidden fruit of youth. Later, when xue tao sai比特大陸d “sorry” sincerely, I covered his mouth with tears. I said to him, “xue tao, I am so happy that I can be with the man I like. That is enough.” Since then, we have never stopped. Three months later, his wife gave birth to a baby girl and xue tao became unhappy. Private detective but when I said I would give him a son, he said, “don’t be silly, swallow. Then, he sighed and said: “ailian (his wife) is also a good woman, I can not abandon their mother and daughter against conscience. Then you won’t be the only woman I’ve hurt.” Although what xue tao said was reasonable, my heart could not help feeling sad. For all his professed love for me, he would not give me a place in the marriage. In his heart, the most concerned is still his wife and daughter. And I, but he is lonely when a blind antidote. It seems that my existence can only alleviate his desire, my love, for 盈幣寶週報(2019/08/11-2019/08/16)him has no use!

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